June 10, 2011

Kirstyn Day: Headed to Bethlehem

If you haven't already, I'd like you to meet Kirstyn Day. She is among the first students I had the opportunity to interact with at The University of Arkansas. Kirstyn calls The Rockhouse her church home, her spiritual family. This is because it's the place where her faith became alive, where her heart found a life giving connection with her creator. Kirstyn jumped right into ministry!  She finished out her college career as a leader in our ministry and immediately focused on relationships with those in need.  Upon graduation she spent a year interning with us and continued to show a passion for connecting people and going above and beyond for people.  Now, she's answered a call to spend a year teaching in the Middle East.  I could go on a long time about Kirstyn, but suffice it to say that Kirstyn's impact in the Kingdom will be far and wide.  Please read her own words about her upcoming year in Bethlehem.


This coming August I’ll be moving to Bethlehem, Palestine to volunteer at an openly evangelical K-12 school, called Jerusalem School Bethlehem (JSB). I'll be teaching 5th grade there. And then when I am not teaching, I'll be in the community getting to know people (my students, their parents, and other people in the town!) and just having the opportunity to love on them! I know for sure that I will mentor some young ladies that have already begun their walk as believers. I am not sure what other ministry opportunities God will lead me into, but I am excited about it!

The school is run and staffed by Americans and Palestinians that are committed to offering a quality education and mentoring inside a walled city (The entire city is surrounded by 26 ft high concrete wall, which is over twice as high as the Berlin wall). And this is a politically charged area, with prejudices and hate on both sides (Israel and Palestine).

I am going to go and live there and be a part of bringing hope to people through God’s love.

Bethlehem is roughly 70% Muslim and 30% Christian; however most are only culturally so. This school is an amazing opportunity to minister within the Arab culture.

If you would be interested in partnering with me in this ministry to Palestine, there are many ways in which you can!
---receiving email up dates and being committed to pray for me and this ministry, just send me your email address! (kirstynday@gmail.com)
---spreading the news of this ministry and my needs to others who are passionate about reaching the Middle East with love and peace, about what I'll be doing.
---Feel free to pass on my information. I would love to talk to with anybody about this! I can never have enough people partnering with me.
---sending me through a onetime donation or monthly pledges, easily done online at http://mountainmovers.org/donate.php, just select Middle East and put my name in the memo line! All donations are tax deductible.

Truthfully, I’m excited, but also a little scared… but I think that is okay, because I really can’t do it on my own (only God is beyond powerful enough to get me there and provide for me and work in people’s hearts there) and the fear is helping me to acknowledge that and remain humble!

Kirstyn Day

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