June 14, 2011

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The day came that I found myself looking out the huge window at our office that faces our campus,
just thinking with God, looking. I began wondering, asking, hoping...

It wasn't new.  I'd become accustomed to this type of interaction with God in my life.
When asked, He gives answers... insights, plants dreams.

God wants ALL people to be near Him.
This fact led to the realization that God wants our campus, our city, our state, our country, our world! 
Duh! Right?
In that moment focusing on our campus, knowing He wants it and is moving and working in the hearts of it's people.  I asked, how?  What do I do?

I've found a real peace in my connection with God and it's a good thing...
and we will do some good little stuff, me and Him and it will be fine.
He will be glorified, Life will have meaning, the Kingdom will grow a bit and people will be blessed.
I have peace about it now, like never before.
I believe it.  God is pleased with me... with us.

BUT, Here's what's new to me...

There's something better.  God has a better vision for you and me.
He wants them all and He's moving toward it... working... it's His plan, His desire, His Will.
I want to be part of it.

It's about ALL the PEOPLE!
He wants them ALL... and so do I...

I asked How and He answered...

I must turn to Us.
Me to We.
Then WE seek Him and LOVE them ALL... TOGETHER.

When you start asking what HE wants EVERYthing changes.

The other question.  What do I do?

It's an obvious answer isn't it?
I will follow Him to We... to Us...
So, the new question is...

What do WE do?

Will you ask with me?
Will you seek Him with us?
He said We'd find Him...

Maybe this is that something more you may have craved...
How can we do anything with our whole heart when we clench it so tightly and guard it so carefully?

It's not so easy, but..

It's one step to WE.

KNOW+CARE = Vital Spiritual Impact.