August 11, 2011

Listen: He will tell you.

God will tell you who you are.  Ask Him.  Tell Him your insecurities and don't be afraid to be vulnerable.  This is an open look into an interaction I recently had with Our Father.

Here is Me inviting you to We.

I am not a lot of things. 

What's important isn't who I am Not, its who I Am...

I am a strong woman and it's okay.  I'm a lioness... a protector and a provider of His life, I am a messenger of what's real and true and I am a leader.  Strong and dignified, while joyous and nurturing.  I will tell you who you are and more importantly pray you see it.  I will show you where to walk, but follow you wherever you go, keeping watch.  I am sent and given authority to love.  And I do Love. 

Deeply, I love.  Inexplicably and assuredly I Love.

There are many things I am not, and its okay. Because what I am is not an accident it is purposed and ordained.  I am set apart and continually affirmed by Our Father.  I will be the me I was and am intended to be from the day I departed perfect Love and I will persevere until the day these glimpses of Love come to full fruition and I get to create together with Jesus on thrones...


Being Worship for Father. 

And I will have the name He has and is always whispering to me.  I hear it... I believe Him and I can't wait for the day I look in His face and see Him call me by it.

Come with me.  Let's Be... and let's Be We.

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