June 14, 2011

Small Effort... Huge Impact.

Over the course of the last semester one of our Cords (a small group with a balanced approach to spiritual community) was blessed with an opportunity to give Love (serve) a lady who rents a room in her home to one of our staff.  While she, Jackie, was out of town recently, her house flooded.  It was bad enough that carpet had to be replaced and furniture had to be moved around.  It took a week or two for things to be at a point that her things could be put back in order.  Becca, one of our most precious new alumni!!!, saw this as an opportunity to get our Cord into action!
She suggested that we find a time to gather at Jackie's house to put her furniture back, but while we were at it offered to brain storm a few ideas for rearranging.  Jackie was game.  So, the plan snapped into action and on a Wednesday afternoon we met at Jackie's and moved things around.
It was a very simple action.  We smiled, enjoyed her company, moved things and honestly had a great time.  She was very thankful and complementary toward us.  Avoiding all her efforts to pay us was the most difficult part of the afternoon!  She really couldn't get over how a group of college students would be willing to do such a nice thing for nothing in return.  From her perspective, people don't do things like that for each other.
I was filled with joy as I watched our students try to explain, I felt a great work of Love was in process.

Recently, our staff member who rents a room in Jackie's house, Cory, sent us this message.
Just wanted to let you all know Jackie, the lady I live with, has a picture of you from the day you moved her furniture. It is hanging in the kitchen with a picture of her deceased husband. That day meant a lot to her and she brings it up often. It had allowed me to have some great conversations with her about love and what it means to follow Christ. Just wanted to say thanks and you all are awesome! You did a small thing that impacted her (and my relationship with her) in a huge way! Hope you are having a great summer!
I have some things I could say about what God is doing through Cory as well, but that will have to be another post... be watching for that one!

One of the students who helped that day had this observation.
Yea I loved helping her, she was very lively, lol. It's sad that it took this long for her to realize that people just like to help without anything in return though.
God is moving all around us.  It is an amazing joy to see what happens when a few people take time to be intentional, begin looking to see God moving together and then consider it an exciting opportunity to give God's Love away!  I witnessed God, embolden a few people to step into a strangers life with Love, draw one more heart a little closer to himself and teach a few people how powerful seeking Him together can be.

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